Eazy Pyramid Mini (12 Pack)


Eazy Pyramid creates a very fast and powerful rooting and germination. Includes 12 Mini Pyramids....More Details
Name Eazy Pyramid Mini (12 Pack)
SKU 8631005
Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 4 in


Product Dimensions

25 x 25 x 15 cm

Air To Water Ratio



4.5 L


1.0 *


5.8 *

Weight moist

3.6 kg

Weight dried

0.5 kg

Bundle Quantity


More Details

Stronger, healthier plants in less time

The Eazy Pyramid is an amazing new development for the horticultural sector. Its optimized growing volume, equivalent to 13,5 ltr (3 gal), is enough for a whole crop cycle. It is also enhancing all of the unsurpassed characteristics of the Eazy Plug. Like predetermined and buffered pH and EC values, or the completely self regulating air-to-water ratio. You could truly say that the Eazy Pyramid is the next evolution in organic growing.

Dense root structure caused by air pruning

Eazy Pyramid is bonded firmly to be used without a plastic wrapping. This way roots will stop growing when meeting air at the outside of the block. As a result the roots will start growing new root branches inside the block, seriously increasing the number of absorbing rootlets in the block and creating a much more dense rooting system. It is called the air pruning effect. This way the absorption capability of the root structure is maximized for the best possible intake of nutrients and fluids.

Limitless shelf life

The Eazy Pyramid is supplied dried, making it clean and lightweight, with limitless shelf life and no risk of molds. A dry Eazy Pyramid takes water back up very easily and quickly, retaining all of its former characteristics. So altogether easy to use.

Fast and healthy plant development

As a result the effective root surface area of your plant will be much bigger, and with it the uptake of water with the beneficial nutrients you are adding. Your plant will grow faster, will be healthier and produce higher yields than in any other available growing medium.

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